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TC Beer Week Tasting
Barrel + Beam Brewery of Marquette, MI
Special Guest – Nick Vancourt, Brewer/Owner
Friday, November 9th | 5:00pm-7pm

This Thursday we’ll be joined by Nick Vancourt, Brewer & Owner of Barrel + Beam. A vision 10 years in the making, Barrel + Beam burst onto our radars overnight. One day we received a phone call from a brewer who wanted to share his beers with us the next time he came across the bridge. Unfamiliar with the brewery we said yes (always looking for that next, new thing), not quite knowing what to expect, and certainly not expecting to also meet the owner! Just like that, the next week our shelf was full of Barrel + Beam brews – no regrets. Meeting Nick and tasting the beers was an easy sell – he won us over with a humble enthusiasm for the craft and the beers sold themselves. Well crafted examples of farmhouse and barrel-aged beers that focused on the terroir of the ingredients – something that Nick says not many people think about when it comes to beer, but is just as important as terroir in winemaking. Barrel + Beam beers reflect the intersection of Old-World process with New-World and premium ingredients.

Blanc du Nord
$5.39 a 375ml bottle
Belgian White
Herbaceous Nose, Wheaty Body, Spicy Citrus Depth

Saison Terre a Terre
$5.39 a 375ml bottle
French style Saison
Herbal Yeast Aromas, Fruity Mid-Palate, Spicy Finish

Harmonie (Seasonal)
$6.99 a 375ml bottle
Oud Bruin blend of Barrel-Sourced Black Ale & Fresh Saison
Subtle Sour Aromas, Toasty Malt, Dry Tart Finish

Pivot Point Bier d’Garde
$5.89 a 375ml bottle
Bier d’Garde Lagered In Red Wine Barrels
Caramel Aromas, Rich Creaminess, Toasty

Golden Partager
$5.89 a 375ml bottle
Golden Strong Ale Oak Aged
Michigan Sourced Malts & Hops, Tropical Fruit, Touch Of Funk

Viticulture No. 1 (Limited Pour)
$6.99 a 375ml bottle
Flemish style Sour aged with Suttons Bay Chardonnay Grapes
Sweet Tart Aromas, Summer Rain, Warm Malty Notes