If you’re like us, you’re soaking up all the sun and water-time you can. We’re spending our downtime on the lake and beaches, and we’re not heading out empty handed or leaving thirsty! Here’s what we’re pouring for our friends and family this week…

House Wine Bubbly Rosé
$6.39 a 12oz can (half a bottle!)
We’ve tasted a lot of canned wine trying to find the best for you, this one made the cut and we couldn’t be happier with the fact that it’s also bubbly!
Dry Red Fruit, Lively Bubbles, Totally Crushable

Arca Noca Vinho Verde 2017
Sale: $10.09 a bottle
The quintessential boating wine, Vinho Verde has just a touch of spritz, is crisp and refreshing and at 10.5% abv so you can enjoy it all day.

Pampelonne Blood Orange Spritz & French 75
Sparkling Wine Cocktails
$3.39 a 250ml can | $11.69 a four-pack
Don’t let the wine cocktail tag fool you – this spritzy little thing is changing our minds on the subject! Dry with just the right amount of fruity goodness, the Blood Orange Spritz is our favorite for a summer drink in a can that tastes like a bar made cocktail minus the hassle.

Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen
$1.89 an 11.2 oz can
Nothing says summer quite like grapefruit. This hefeweizen is an easy drinking game-changer for your evening pontoon cruise. Its low abv and refreshing lightness make it a great companion for a hot summer evening.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages
We have a variety of non-alcoholic beverages and mixers, including NA Beer, NA Wine, Flavored Waters & Teas, Sodas, and Juice Mixers. Create your signature summer beverage from our wide selection – one of our favorites is a flavored mixer with sparkling water and frozen fruit – let us know yours!

Have a favorite Beverage you’d like to stock up on? Ask about our case discounts and save all summer long.

What’s in your glass?