Same Service New Style

Starting tomorrow – Friday, April 3rd – we will be switching over to Contactless Curbside Service. In an effort to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible, we will be taking all orders over the phone and delivering items out to your car. Contactless Curbside Service means you will not need to enter the building. These measures are temporary, but necessary to ensure safety for everyone who shops and works at Burritt’s.


How will this work?

Just like Christmas – minus the snowstorms (hopefully)! Our team has streamlined the order taking process over many holiday seasons of taking care of you and your family. We are geared and ready to take care of your curbside orders! Placing an order will be the same as during a holiday – call us with your grocery order, we’ll ask follow up questions to help make sure you have everything you need (did you remember the burger buns and cheese?!), and we’ll call you when your order is ready. The only difference will be, instead of coming inside the store to pick up, you will call us when you arrive curbside and we’ll bring your groceries out to you. We miss you too. With some coordinated effort we can all come together to get through this; together. 

How To Shop Over The Phone… 

We are all navigating these temporary needs together. To assist you in this phone-driven shopping experience we have created a shopping list to help you determine the items you have at home and what needs to be restocked. Much like the inventory lists we utilize here in store, this will help you organize and get the most out of each shopping trip. When you call with your order, have this handy list ready to orderly easily and efficiently. See below for a step-by-step ordering process.

Key Points To Remember:

We’re Still Open!
We’re here for you and your family. We’re open regular hours, the service is the same Burritt’s level of dedication and quality excellence that you’ve come to expect and appreciate. The hours and manner in which we deliver these service are different.

We’re Fully Stocked!
We are receiving regular deliveries, our cases are fully loaded, and all your favorite items are still available. Need a special order item? We can do that. All the items you love finding at Burritt’s are here and waiting for you.
In This Together!
Our team is dedicated to keeping everyone safe and fed. We are working on this together, adapting and flexing as needs dictate. We have a wonderful staff skilled in putting together orders and maximizing your shopping experience.

Step-By-Step Order Process

1. Print off the shopping list above. Organize your pantry and fridge, identify what items you have and what you need to restock.
2. Call the store (231) 946-3300 ext 10 to place your order – please have your shopping list and credit card ready.
3. We will take your order and then read your information and order back to you.
Information we’ll need
  • First & Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Color and Make of Car
  • Credit Card Info
  • Groceries

4. We’ll  call you when your order is ready. At this time we’ll process the credit card and put the receipt in the bag.
5. Call us when you arrive at the store, let us know whether you’d like the groceries in the back seat or in the trunk, and if possible, please have these doors open.
6. Grocery time! We’ll bring your groceries out to you with a big smile and a friendly wave at a distance.

Thank you!

We appreciate you and your trust in us to take care of your family’s grocery needs. Thank you for your support and understanding at we navigate these uncharted waters together.