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Pop-In Wine Tasting 
Chile | Pais Salvaje Blanco
Tuesday, August 13th | 3pm-7pm

It’s the height of summer and time to soak it all up. We’re not saying it’s going to snow next week, but we are saying to take advantage of the weather while you can… So, to help you get in, get out, and get on with your summer day, the next few weeks all of our tastings will be “Pop-Ins” to help you get in, grab your wine, and get on with your day. Only have 10 minutes? Let us pour you something on the fly, because we want you to enjoy the sunshine and a bottle of wine. See you for a sip!

Tuesday, Pop-in for a sip of a unique and rare Chilean White: J. Bouchon Pais Salvaje Blanco

Here’s the skinny, Pais is a red varietal that is believed to have been brought over by the Spanish in the 1500s, where it was cultivated, became Chile’s primary wine grape, and then was largely forgotten once Bordeaux Varietals made their way onto the scene. Relegated to the background as a bulk or country wine, the Pais vines fell into disrepair, consumed by forest. Today, J. Bouchon is a 4th generation winery that nurtures a small amount of Pais which grows into the trees next to their vineyards. These 120 year old “Jungle Vines” are so far up the trees they use ladders to harvest them! They made the discovery that a handful of these wild vines produced a much lighter version and they’ve singled it out to create a white wine made organically with native yeasts and aged in ancient tinaja (clay amphora).

How Rare? Only 40 cases make it into the US!
Right?! Crazy! We received an allocation of 24 bottles and we’re cracking one open for you to try. Pop-In and don’t miss out on this delicious number.


Pais Salvaje Blanco 2018
$19.69 a bottle, $17.58 a bottle by the 6 Pack ($105.48)
Snappy Green Fruit Aromas, Juicy Fresh, Lingering Mineral Finish

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