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Shawn & Lydia’s Secret Stash
Old School Spain | Friday 9/21 & Saturday 9/22
Envinate Albahra 2018 | 12 Bottles Available

It’s a not so secret secret that Shawn and Lydia squirrel away wine for special occasions, that perfect gift, or just because. If you’ve ever asked us what our favorite wine is and we’ve pulled a seemingly random bottle from inside a box tucked into the corner, it’s probably a secret stash find. Sometimes it’s the last six bottles of a rare Italian find, or a 24 bottle limited allocation, and it’s time to start sharing! We’re going to start opening a bottle or two from a case and share it with you by the sip and the glass – this is a great opportunity to try rare and allocated items and then take a bottle home to enjoy now, save, or show off to friends later. Some of the wines are already library aged, so we’ll give you an estimated “drink me” timeline so you get the most out of your bottle. Don’t miss out, once these bottles are gone, they’re gone!

Secret Stash Tasting… 

To kick off our first Shawn & Lydia’s Secret Stash tasting we have Spanish treat. We landed two cases of an old, old school style Spanish red by Envinate. Envinate (“wine yourself”) collaboration between four friends who met in oenology school and shared a passion for the ancient; old school, forgotten Spanish vineyards. The four of them farm small vineyards from the Canary Islands to La Mancha that would look more at home in a historical tv show with their crumbling stone walls, steep hillside locales no one else will farm, and scraggly bush trained plants. They handpick, the grapes are foot trod, and fermentation takes place with wild yeasts. The end results are wines exciting wines of character and place.

Envinate Albahra 2018
$19.99 a bottle | $6/glass
Albahra, Castilian for “small sea,” is named  for the vineyard area in the Almansa region located in the southeastern tip of Castilla-La-Mancha. The grapes are Garnacha Tintorera (aka Alicante Bouschet, a red juiced grape), and Moravia Agria (a high-acid, low alcohol blending grape) of which there are only about 50 hectares left in Spain. These two grapes come together in a blend that is bottled unfined, unfiltered, with a pure high-tone nose, floral red fruit, hints of spice, and bursting with minerality. The Albahra is more reminiscent of traditional Spanish wines one might encounter at the family table rather than the tourist bodega. A treat we can’t wait for you to try yourself!

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