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Thursday Night Tasting
Art Of Earth Organic Wine
Thursday, February 6th | 5:30pm-7pm

Join us for an evening of organic wine from around the world with great price tags and delicious varietals. We were recently introduced to Art of Earth wines and they’re already becoming a favorite (Lydia’s quite partial to the Malbec!). Join us for a tasting and find out why organic matters not just to the growing of the grapes but the end product, and do some good with wines that are better for the environment, you, and easier on your wallet. See you Thursday!

What’s In A Name…
For centuries man has taken naturally grown grapes from the rich and fertile soils and created wines in natural ways handed down over generations. Today Art of Earth wines are still created in the same way – from carefully selected organic grapes, harvested in traditional ways and then turned into organic wines with centuries-old natural winemaking methods. The love and passion with which this is done, produces unique, gentle wines bursting with natural flavors – true pieces of art from mother earth. Keeping it natural in the vineyard and the cellar extracts the best from nature in a respectful, sustainable way. But, that’s not where the story ends – even the packaging is eco-friendly. The light-weight glass bottle with screw cap is recyclable and cork tree-friendly.

Art of Earth Prosecco – Italy
$15.69 a bottle | $12.25 a bottle by the 12 bottle case ($147.00)
Bright Orchard Aromas, Lively Acidity, Refreshing Bubbles

Art of Earth Pinot Grigio – Italy
$13.49 a bottle | $10.50 a bottle by the 12 bottle case ($126.00)
Stone Fruit Aromas, Warm Golden Fruit, Round Finish

Art of Earth Riesling – Germany
$13.49 a bottle | $10.50 a bottle by the 12 bottle case ($126.00)
Citrus Aromas, Bright Minerality, Crisp Finish

Art of Earth Montepulciano d’Abruzzo – Italy
$13.49 a bottle | $10.50 a bottle by the 12 bottle case ($126.00)
Rustic Earthy Aromas, Rich Dark Berries, Smooth Herbal Finish

Art of Earth Malbec – Argentina
$13.49 a bottle | $10.50 a bottle by the 12 bottle case ($126.00)
Dried Fruit Aromas, Red Stone Fruit, Lingering Spiced Finish

No RSVP, this tasting is $15/person and does include a paired Nibbles Plate.

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