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Thursday Night Tasting
Australian Wine | Kangaroo Island Wildlife Fundraiser
Thursday, January 23rd | 5;30pm-7pm

Join us Thursday as we shower some love on Australia. We’ll be featuring wine from Adelaide and Victoria, areas affected by the Bushfires; the reoccurring theme in many articles has been that they need our support through purchase of items from areas affected, and tourist dollars, in addition to straight donations. We know many have wanted to donate but are weary of falling into donation scams, or want to make sure that donations go to those directly affected by the fire.

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park…
We reached out to an Australian friend and customer of ours and whose family still lives there and asked how we could help. They recommended sharing with you Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park. Owned and operated by Sam and Dana Mitchell, who stayed on the island with their team and infant son to help save as many animals as possible, Kangaroo Island is home to a diversely dense population of Australian wildlife, and pristine natural land. They are using the funds to aid their veterinarians to care for as many fire affected animals as possible. While all fires are devastating to life – humans, land, and animals – due to the intensity of the blazes these bushfires have been horrendous for the abundant wildlife population of Australia. To give context to the size and loss of the island: Kangaroo Island into perspective, Kangaroo Island is 1,701 sq. miles, Leelanau County is 2,532 sq. miles, Benzie County is 860 sq. miles, and Grand Traverse County is 601 sq. miles. Imagine losing everything that makes our Lake Shore and Great Lakes State what it is and how different a day would be without the breath of nature around us.

Taste & Support…
So please join us either in person to taste and purchase great wine, or donate online through the links below. Please note that Burritt’s will not be collecting money for the fundraiser (either online or in person), the cost of the night’s tasting goes to our operating, wine, and food costs so that we can continue to support keeping Australian wines and others on our shelves. We want you to know that your donations go directly to the people affected, so we have listed links below for your convenience.

Donation Links & Articles…

BBC Article With Sam Mitchell Owner of Kanagroo Island Wildlife Park
(warning, contains mildly graphic and triggering images of wildlife after fire)

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park Website
The Green Donate Button is the second block of text on their website. You can read about their mission on their website.

Help Save Kangaroo Island Wildlife Fundraiser
Direct link to their donation site. Their fundraiser page includes updates and photos of the animals (warning, some images of animals, natural area, and people affected by fire may be triggering).

The Wines…

Sidewood Pinot Gris 2017
$18.69 a bottle | $16.82 a bottle by the 6 pack ($100.92)
Delightful Citrus Aromas, Balanced Minerality, Honeyed Finish

Sidewood Chardonnay 2016
$18.69 a bottle | $16.82 a bottle by the 6 pack ($100.92)
Tantalising Floral Aromas, Ripe Citrus, Crisp Minerality

Wirra Wirra Scrubby Rise Red Blend 2015
$16.69 a bottle | $15.02 a bottle by the 6 pack ($90.12)
Bright Red Fruit Aromas, Dried Herbs, Supple Tannins

McPherson Wine Co. Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
$16.49 a bottle | $14.84 a bottle by the 6 pack ($89.04)
Earthy Aromas, Tea Like Fruits, Dusty Coco Tannins

Sidewood Shiraz 2016
$19.69 a bottle | $17.72 a bottle by the 6 pack ($106.32)
Generous Berry Aromas, Elegant Spices, Rich Silky Tannins

No RSVP, this tasting is $15/person and does include a paired Nibbles Plate. Donations will be directed to the link above. Burritt’s will not be collecting money. The cost of the tasting goes to our operating, wine, and food costs so that we can continue to support keeping Australian wines and others on our shelves.

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