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Thursday Night Tasting
Birichino Wines | California
Thursday, August 29th | 4pm-7pm

It’s the last big summer weekend. Are you wine ready? Let us help, pop in on Thursday for a quick sip and we’ll pour your some weekend favorites! Birichino focuses on unique vineyards with a touch of wild to them – vineyards that see minimal intervention and are safeguarded to protect their natural vibrancy, poise, and puckishness. They favor native fermentation, utilize stainless steel, little to no filtration, but most importantly, they aim to make delicious wines that revitalize and bring pleasure. Come on over and we’ll hook you up with wines you can see yourself relaxing with all weekend long…

Birchino Pet Nat Malvasia Bianca 2018
$27.39 a bottle, $24.37 a bottle by the 6 pack ($146.22)
Sunshine in a bottle. The tiny little bubbles are like floral citrus kisses that softly caress your tongue and leave you wanting more. Snap some up!

Birichino Vin Gris (Rosé) 2018
$17.19 a bottle, $15.31 a bottle by the 6 pack ($91.86)
How good is it? Lydia almost didn’t share the bottle… Yeah. We think you’re going to love it too. Dynamic, vibrant, Bandol like minerality, the vines are old souls with bright ideas. We suggest two bottles…

Birichino Saint Georges Pinot Noir Central Coast 2017
$26.69 a bottle, $23.75 a bottle by the 6 pack ($142.50)
Pinot Noir with a purpose. A blend of fruit from rich and broody foothills to elegant high elevation vineyards – it’s got a mind of its own and a purpose to impress. It’ll muscle its way into your glass and reward you with a finish that never quits.

No RSVP, this tasting is $10/person and does not include food. Create your own Nibbles Plate with items from our Kitchen Case & Cheese Wall!

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