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Event Postponed on 4/15 due to COVID-19 and current Michigan health and safety regulations. We will reschedule this event and update at that time. Thank you for your interest!


Water From Heaven Sake Class
Wednesday, April 15th | 6pm-7:30pm
RSVP | $30/person

Come discover Japan’s ‘Water From Heaven’ with us Wednesday, April 15th.  We’ll be joined by Rick Lopus of Great Lakes Wine & Spirits and he’ll introduce you to seven Sake from their portfolio and educate you (you get so sample while he talks!) on Sake from history, to production, to serving. And everything in between!

Something Other…
While Sake is a growing trend among alcohol consumers of all kinds, Sake remains heavily shrouded in unfamiliarity for many. Often compared to wine to give the consumer familiar ground flavor and serving wise, Sake’s fermentation process is more akin beer, but that’s where the comparison ends. Unique in so many ways, Sake is not wine, Sake is not beer, Sake is something other. Sake is Sake. And that’s where the beauty starts…

Sake Rice (Sakamai) is not your average table rice, and much like grape varietals there’s not just one kind. There are roughly 100 different varieties of Sake Rice and about 20 or so are most commonly used for premium sake. To further add to the complexity of this beautiful beverage, there are classifications or grades of sake designated by the milling or polished ratio (the amount of rice milled away) expressed as the percentage of the original grain remaining (more rice milled away = smaller number). Lost? Well, not for long… that’s where Rick comes in. Rick will walk you through the unique beauty of Sake as its own fermented beverage, and as always, tasting is the best way to understand! You’ll get to taste through seven different Sakes, and one will be served both chilled and warm to understand what temperature does to the beverage. We’ll have food paired with the Sakes to put it into the context of how it is enjoyed culturally and how simple it is to enjoy this Water From Heaven in your own home.

Hakutsuru ‘Excellent’ Junmai
$12.99 a bottle
Brewery: Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co., LTD | Founded: 1743 | Prefecture: Hyogo
Grade: Junmai | Polished Ratio: 70%

Siugei ‘Drunken Whale’
$28.09 a bottle
Brewery: Siugei Brewing Co. | Founded: 1872 | Prefecture: Kochi
Grade: Tokubetsu Junmai | Polished Ratio: 55%

Yuki No Bosha ‘ Cabin in the Snow’ Junmai Ginjo
$22.49 a bottle
Brewery: Saiya Brewery | Founded: 1903
Prefecture: Akita
Grade Junmai Ginjo | Polished Ratio: 55%

Dassai 50 ‘Otter Festival’ Junmai Daiginjo
$15.49 a bottle
Brewery: Asahi Shuzo Co., LTD
Founded: 1948 | Prefecture: Yamaguchi
Grade: Junmai Daiginjo | Polished Ratio: 50%

Yamato Shizuku ‘Mountain’s Tears’ Junmai Kimoto
$28.09 a bottle
Brewery: Akita Seishu Co., LTD
Founded: 1865 | Prefecture: Akita
Grade: Junmai Kimoto | Polished Ratio: 60%

Kikusui Funaguchi ‘Gold’ Honjozo Nama Nama Genshu
$6.39 a can
Brewery: Kikusui Sake Co., LTD | Founded: 1881 | Prefecture: Niigata
Grade: Honjozo Nama Nama Genshu | Polished Ratio: 70%

Hakutsuru ‘Little Lilly’ Junmai Nigori
$21.79 a bottle
Brewery: Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co., LTD | Founded: 1743 | Prefecture: Hyogo
Grade: Junmai Nigori | Polished Ratio: 70%


RSVP Only, this educational tasting class is $30/person and does include paired food. Please call the Wine Room (231) 946-3300 ext 15 to RSVP.


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