February Cheese of the Month:

Abbaye Ste-Mere (or St-Paulin)
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Milk: Cow
Country: France
Pasteurization: Pasteurized
Region: Normandy

A member of the Port-du-Salut family, it can be recognized by its fine, moist rind, its yielding texture, and its slightly salty taste. For all its natural mildness, it has both taste and character! With its nice semi-soft texture, this French cheese has a smooth fruity taste with a slightly stronger finish. We detect notes of walnut and fresh creamery butter, but everyone has their own take.

Abbaye Ste-Mere, also known as St-Paulin, hails from Normandy and was developed by Trappist monks in Saint Paulin. While it ages for around three weeks, the rind is “washed” daily with a brine solution. This creates a sticky, light orange rind and imparts delightful saltiness into the paste, or middle, of each wheel.

Try Abbaye Ste-Mere if you like: French Raclette, Morbier, Port Salut, Havarti, long walks on the beach.

Enjoy with: Light bodied Beaujolais or Riesling work well, but effervescent Prosecco, Cava, or Champagne are tops.