Foley Fish…

We’re proud suppliers of fish from Foley Fish House in Boston, a hands-on supplier of sustainably farmed and harvested seafood. They shop their markets daily, only selecting the best quality, and package in state of the art tins that ensure the product arrives to us at the optimum temperature – no worry about how long it’s been sitting, and no fish smell. If you’re looking for a better seafood experience, let us guide your next shopping trip at Burritts!

Not your average fish company

Foley Fish, founded in 1906, is a fourth generation family owned business with a strong reputation for integrity, quality, and consistency. They shop New England’s major ports every day and only purchase what we and others have ordered. This allows them to personally inspect and select the highest quality of “just landed” seafood. They’re our fish “middle-men” in helping us provide our customers here in Traverse City with fish harvested as close to delivery date as possible.

The Natural Process

Foley Fish is strongly against the use of any brines, chemicals or additives to falsify weight or mask poor quality (they didn’t go through all the work of picking out the top of the line fish to mask it with chemicals). They embrace food safety as a core of the culture, all the employees are routinely trained and empowered to provide their customers with the best fish possible. They are the only seafood processor who packs their fillets in tin packaging to help conduct and keep the cold sealed in quicker and longer, as it travels to its final destination. This almost daily shipping and state of the art packaging allows us to have sushi grade product because it’s kept at temperatures that inhibit bacteria. 

 The Sustainable Way

Foley Fish is extremely committed to sourcing sustainable seafood. Foley Fish actively participates in fisher management with a representative on both the Northeast Groundfish Advisory Panel and the Highly Migratory Species Panel. Additionally in the fall of 2011 Laura Foley (the 4th generation Foley) was appointed to the New England Fisheries Management Council. This direct involvement allows them to source from well managed, sustainable species through low impact fishing, protection of marine sanctuaries, reduced fish harvests (a result of not buying on speculation, but rather to order), and helping protect over-harvested species by partnering with open ocean farmers who raise fish with good husbandry.

Open Ocean Farming – The Future of Farm Raised

Foley Fish is changing the game of “Farm Raised” by sourcing from Open Ocean Farms that consist of mile-wide nets in the open ocean. They partner with farms who exhibit exacting husbandry and practice all natural farming techniques. The fish are kept in their native water and natural tides, with low stocking density to guard against disease, and are fed a natural diet with 24/7 underwater cameras to prevent feed waste.

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