New Year’s Eve Appetizers & Entrees

Are you ready for New Year’s Eve? We are! We’re ready to make 2020 the year of good food, good beverages, and great relationships. So, let’s wrap up 2019 and welcome 2020 with a feast. We’ll have everything you need to party until the new year and then some! Check out what we’ll be enjoying New Year’s Eve and all day Wednesday.

Holiday Specials – Saturday 12/28 – 12/31

  • Bone In Prime Rib Steaks $16.99/lb – Sale!
  • Delmonico Steaks $16.99/lb – Sale!
  • Delmonico Boneless Prime Rib Roast $15.99/lb – Sale!

Great on the half shell, as is or a spritz of lemon, or for a more decadent treat… a spoonful of caviar! The trick is to not over-do the toppings, masking the fresh, individual character of the oyster. Serve with Campagne, Muscadet, Crisp Whites, or Martinis.

  •  Moondancer – Damariscotta, Maine
    Refreshing Brine, Plump Meat, Strong Finish
  • Bluepoints – Chesapeake Bay, Virginia 
    Lightly Briny, Smooth Meat, Semi-Sweet Finish
  • Beau Soleil – New Brunswick, Canada
    Great Starter Oyster, Mild Brine, Firm Meat, Sweet Finish
  • Savage Blonde – Prince Edward Island, Canada
    Sharp Brine, Firm Textured Meat, Sweet Stony Finish
  • Wellfleet – Wellfleet Harbor, Massechusetts
    Intense Brine, Plump Meat, Crisp Finis

Charcuterie is the cooking art of cured and prepared meats. Today it’s a term commonly used to refer to a meat and cheese platter. So whether you like a traditional Charcuterie, or some Charcutuerie with all the accoutrements, we have the goods. Here’s a quick check-list for your New Year’s Eve party…

  • Charcuterie (meat): Aim for 2 to 3 different types of meat, 1-2 oz per person for snacking, 5 oz for a more substantial board
  • Cheese: Pick out 2 to 3 different styles of cheese in a range of soft to aged, same rules of serving size as the Charcuterie
    Bries: soft, pairs well with dried and fresh fruits, fruit preserves, and stronger meats
    Aged Cheeses: usually more dry with a stronger flavor, pair with softer meats and sides like creamy castelvetrano olives
    Cheddars: a classic you can’t go wrong with picking! Comes in white, orange, and various years of aging. Pairs well with everything.
  • Sides
    Decide whether you want to take your charcuterie board savory or sweet. Your sides will help direct the flavor profile of your board. Dried fruits and preserves will take your board more sweet, but don’t be afraid to go straight up chocolate or honey sweet with your board, play with your food! If you or your guests prefer a more savory or salty experience, build your board with more olives, nuts (smoked marconas are fantastic!).
  • Mustard: Honey Dijon, Stone Ground, Spicy
  • Fruit Preserves: limitless flavors!
  • Bacon Jam: yes, it’s a real thing and it’s really delicious…
  • Olives & Antipasto: check out our fresh olive antipasto bar as well as are selection of olive jars
  • Dried Fruits: think beyond the traditional fig and apricots and experiment with mango!
  • Nuts: there are about as many nut options as our family has nutty jokes… roasted, salted, seasoned, smoked, and chocolate covered