It’s Summertime and for many of us that means it’s grilling time. Brush up on your grill skills with these handy tips.

  • Heat It Up – preheat your grill with the lid closed for 15-25 minutes before hand. This will cook off any residual food from the last grill-session as well as get the charcoal or grill evenly heated. Most importantly heating up your grill before hand will lead to a better sear – and we all love a well seared steak!
  • Marinate/Season It – marinades and seasoning are where the flavor comes from. Wet or dry, salty or savory, help your meat express itself. Warm up the steak or burger before grilling – cooking cold meat will lead to uneven temperatures and can cook the outside too quickly before the inside is the desired temp.
  • Clean It Off – use a brush or scraper to clean off the grill, this will help keep food from sticking and also give you a leg up on creating that perfect sear.
  • Tame The Flame – while a little bit of flame is good, too much flame can lead to flare ups from dripping fat and burn food before it’s cooked through. If you’re using charcoal, spread your charcoal out evenly and look for an even red glow throughout the charcoal. On a gas grill, lower the flame so it doesn’t come through the grate and identify your hot spots – keep food that will drip less over these spots.
  • Sear It – A hot sear on the outside to start, then moving to indirect heat to finish is a favored method of grilling. Also gaining popularity is the Reverse Sear, where long low and slow is finished with a quick blast of heat to char the outside.
  • Temp It – winging it is fun on a weekend when you’re making up plans as you go. Winging it when trying to decide if that grill piece of chicken is done… not so much. Invest in a good meat thermometer or two (one for red protein and one for white) to help narrow in on that perfect “done” temperature without overcooking it; keep your steaks juicy and your shoes leathery.
  • Let It Rest – food taken off the grill is filled with residual heat. For that perfect first cut let the meat rest before enjoying. This will keep the juices inside while the heat finishes working its way through the protein.

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