Calling all planners, holiday enthusiasts, and folks who love good food and beverage. We’re starting to plan for the holidays and since things are (again) going to look a little different this year, we’re getting ahead of the snowball and want to help you start planning your holiday menus.


Beverages – Buy It Now

Is there a special bottle of Champagne or Bordeaux you enjoy and want to make sure you have for your table or as a gift? We recommend starting your holiday gift shopping and beverage shopping now. Our global economy moves faster than our global supply chain and any disruption (no matter the size) causes ripples felt from producer to consumer. These ripples have gotten bigger with broader reaching impacts as we continue to work through a world wide health crisis. We’ve flexed and adapted over the last year and found ways to either stock up or find new items to love. There’s still plenty of wine to enjoy! It may just look a little different.

If there is something specific you do need, please allow time for us to source it for you. We’re asking that you let us know now (yes, even in the middle of October) if there’s a very specific bottle request that cannot be substituted. Thanks for letting us help you with your holiday planning.

Food Logistics

Food is a beautiful thing. We’re in the business of food because we love playing with our food, helping set your table, and feeding our community. Food logistics are complex from field + farm, to supplier, to us, to you; every step of the way leaves a footprint and we’re dedicated to bringing you the best in freshest, well handled proteins, seafood, and produce.

We’ve dedicated our store philosophy to working with small suppliers and family farmers and it’s this exact mentality that has allowed us to continue to keep our cases filled and our community fed. Working with smaller suppliers means few steps between the farm and you, meaning items tend to be more readily available, spending less time in the supply chain. Instead of taking time traveling from warehouse to warehouse, our items are often shipped directly from the farmer/processor, to the supplier, to us. This provides access to products that are superior in quality. Less handling and travel time means less chance for product damage, and it means we have more control over what and when we order.

It also means prices fluctuate more (since a farmer usually doesn’t own the delivery trucks or warehouses) and availability varies (maybe the veggie we wanted this week wasn’t ready for harvest). We always work to keep our pricing fair and believe in paying farmers a fair wage; as the market adjusts so do we. Please keep this in mind as pricing structures will be different, and know you can count on the same quality you’ve come to associate with Burritt’s.


Holiday Meals

It’s time to start making lists and checking them twice. Know what you’re making? Does your family have a traditional meal plan you look forward to all year and you already know what you want? Great! Let’s get to ordering! The sooner we know what you’ll need, the easier it will be for us to know how much of what items to order and that means we can get items locked in. We’ve already started ordering Turkeys – know you’re going to want a turkey this year for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Great! Give us a call and place your order and check off that item on your to-do list. Have a recipe you’ve been wanting to try but can’t find that one elusive ingredient? Let us help you find it and make you the start cook this Holiday Season. 


Turkey Talk

It’s time to talk Turkey. Head on over to Turkey Talk 2021 for information about our all natural, hormone, steroid free, humanely raised Turkey being offered this year. We’re eager to share this year’s farmer with you and the high quality fresh products you’ve come to associate with Burritt’s. 

Burritt’s Tradition of Quality & Care

We’re excited to help you plan your holidays, and our team is ready with the product quality, hands on knowledge, and customer care you’ve come to appreciate and expect from Burritt’s. This year we’re operating with a slightly smaller crew and a fluctuating supply chain. Please keep this in mind as you plan your holiday shopping. As we get into the 6 weeks of Holidays Season from Thanksgiving to New Years we will monitor traffic through the store, planning order completion and pick up for the most efficient and enjoyable shopping experience. Our mission is to provide you with the best, freshest, and highest quality in product and service from order to table. We will be here until the last order goes out the door. Thank you for your friendship and for trusting us with your holidays.