Italian Wine Tasting
Thursday, June 6th | 5:30pm-7pm
Rondineto Wines with Luca Papini, Brand Manager & Director

What are two things we all love in a bottle of wine? Great Value and Great Taste. Which neatly sums up the Rondineto line; great value and great taste. We appreciate a good bottle of wine that you can open and savor, but sometimes you just want a case of wine and a bunch of friends over and you don’t want to spend a lot doing it. Cue the Rondineto portfolio – delicious wines that have quickly become our own house pours. And let’s not forget the bubbles! We’ll also be tasting the Lellé Prosecco, a classic, easy drinking bubbly that will be the perfect toast or nightcap to your next wine party (or what we like to call a Tuesday Night!). We’ll be guided through the following wines by Luca Papini – brand manager, director of many things, and friend. Shawn and Jake first met Luca at Vin Italy and they’ve been friends ever since. We always look forward to Luca’s visits. When describing what he does, Luca simplifies it as director-of-many-things. Luca handles pretty much everything outside of the winemaking – he brings years of knowledge and a passion for Italian wines, and we can’t wait for you to meet and visit with him. So whether you enjoy wine in a group, or a weeknight glass for one, the Rondineto line will find a home on your counter.

Rondineto Pinot Grigio
$11.69 a bottle, $9.00 a bottle by the case ($108.00)
Fresh Citrus Notes, Warm Spices, Clean Zesty Finish

Rondineto Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
$11.69 a bottle, $9.00 a bottle by the case ($108.00)
Jammy Aromas, Ripe Round Fruit, Lingering Finish

Rondineto Merlot
$11.69 a bottle, $9.00 a bottle by the case ($108.00)
Ripe Fruit Aromas, Rich Dark Fruit, Velvety Tannins

Rondineto Pinot Nero
$11.69 a bottle, $9.00 a bottle by the case ($108.00)
Inky Fruit Aromas, Smooth Tannins, Persistent Finish

Lellé Prosecco
$16.89 a bottle, $13.13 a bottle by the 6 pack case ($78.78)
Herbal Floral Aromatics, Warm Golden Fruit, Fine Persistent Bubbles


No RSVP needed, this tasting is $15/person and does include a plate of paired nibbles.