Rosés are a truly versatile wine; the more full-bodied can have the backbone of a red wine with the quaffability of a white. Oftentimes confused as always being sweet, French Rosés, especially in the Provence, are dry and approachable. Pairing Rosés and food is easy and you’ll quickly find yourself experimenting. Heavier dishes like burgers, roasts, ribs, or sauces typically call for a Rosé that has more body or acidity, Italian and French Rhone Rosés are typically a good choice. Lighter dishes such as chicken, pasta, fish, or appetizers like a Rosé that is a touch softer and won’t overpower. Softer Provence Rosés are nice because of their dryness, touch of acidity, and lightness. While most people enjoy Rosés in the summer, there’s a growing trend towards enjoying Rosés all year round.

“Rosé is my favorite style of wine due to its versatility with food and people – especially when the dilemma of “I like Red but they like White” gets tossed around. From the kiss of color to the backbone of Red characteristics, and the fact I can serve it chilled make Rosés my go to all year round. And Bubbly Rosé?! Haven’t met one I don’t enjoy!”

– Lydia

Personally, we think every day should be Rosé day. It’s that good!

Our Latest Rosé Arrivals

Rosé All Day Cans
$3.69 a 250ml can, $12.69 a 4 pack
Beach Days meet your new best friend! This rosé is made for all your summer wine needs. The perfect serving size, each can holds 1/3 of a bottle of wine, and the wine itself… um, yum!
Dry Fruit Aromas, Crisp Acidity, Refreshing Mineral finish

Lioco Pinot Noir Rosé 2017
Candied Stone Fruit, Bone Dry Minerality, Refreshing Acidity

Domaine André Neveu Sancerre Rosé 2017
$23.29 a bottle | Only 2 Cases Available
100% Pinot Noir, Red Stone Fruit, Focused Loire Minerality

O Touraine Noble Joué Loire Rosé
$16.89 a bottle
Bright Red Fruit, Fresh Acidity, Lingering Minerality

Chateau Mourgues du Grès Fleur d’Eglantine Rosé 2017
$13.69 a bottle
Red Floral Fruit, Lively & Airy, Delicate Acidity

Chateau Mourgues du Grès Galets Rosés 2017
$14.89 a bottle
Spicy Fruit, Warm Minerality, Juicy Finish

Estreia Vinho Verde Rosé 2015
$8.89 a bottle
Bright Juicy Red Fruit, Dry Minerality & Spritz, Soft Tannins

Commanderie de la Bargemone Provence Rosé 2017
$19.29 a bottle
Sustainably Grown, Dry Summer Fruit, Crisp Floral Palate

Scherrer Sonoma County Dry Rosé of Syrah 2016
$23.89 a bottle
Bold Tart Stone Fruit, Bone-Dry Spice, Mouth-Watering Finish