A true treasure, Mrs. Kirkham’s Lancashire is the last raw-milk farmhouse Lancashire in the world. Succulent, yet crumbly, this cheese is lovingly referred to as having a ‘buttery crumble’ texture. This rich texture is offset by a bright, almost yogurt-like flavor that only fresh, raw milk can achieve.

What sets the Kirkham’s Lancashire apart is the quality of the milk coupled with the long, slow aging process. The first step in the cheesemaking is an overnight pre-ripening of the milk, designed to get the native bacteria working and active. The result is a cheese that tastes intensely of the fresh milk that was used and an extraordinarily complex, long-lasting flavor.

Serve crumbled over summer salad & grilled foods and serve with a dry, crisp, fruit forward white. For a sweet treat on the porch, crumble over chilled watermelon and enjoy with bubbly or hard cider.