Burritt’s March Cheese of the Month: Kindred Creamery Sweet Fire Mango Jack and Forage Mushroom and Scallion Jack

Kindred Creamery is the animal welfare-oriented brainchild of the leaders of Wisconsin’s Emmi Roth Kase and Meister Cheese companies. They created the unique Cow’s First program to guarantee that all the milk used in Kindred’s line comes from cows treated like family.

Kindred Creamery Cow’s First cows are:

  • Treated humanely
  • Have spacious living environments and wide open pastures
  • Are not treated with growth hormones or fed anything other than 100% vegetarian feed
  • Farmers are audited regularly, and in turn are paid a premium price for their milk, enabling family farms to prosper in an otherwise challenging market

Kindred Creamery makes classic Wisconsin cheese with a twist. This month, Burritt’s proudly introduces their Sweet Fire Mango Jack, which boasts creamy texture, notes of orange and vanilla, and a streak of heat, and the Forage Mushroom and Scallion Jack, a savory combination of wild mushrooms and onions with a hint of garlic.

Both varieties are perfect for snacking, melting, and livening up a cheese board. Try the Mushroom Scallion Jack in mashed potatoes, on a burger, or in quiche. Sweet Fire Mango Jack is perfect on top of grilled chicken, shredded over an arugula and avocado salad, or tucked inside a black bean and zucchini quesadilla. Both varieties are also phenomenal on pizza thanks to their Monterey Jack base!

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