Same Service New Hours
New Fall Store Hours
Monday – Saturday: 9am-6pm 

Starting: Monday, September 14th

Here at Burritt’s our mission has always been to provide the freshest product, the highest quality, and the best service possible. This becomes a reality through an environment of adapting, evolving, and listening to the input of our staff and customers; and 2020 has proven to be a year of putting all we’ve learned in 30 plus years of business to the test. It has been a year where we’ve listened and thought deeply about our commitment to our community and our staff and how we can best meet everyone’s needs.

Given the unique circumstances that 2020 has tossed onto the board, we have made the decision to temporarily shift our hours of operation to better accommodate the needs of our customers and staff. This is a decision that we have made after much reflection on the shopping habits of our community and long term mental and physical capacity of our staff. Our change of hours will go into effect Monday, September 14th through early November, and be adapted as needed to suit the requirements of the holidays.

This temporary change will allow us to efficiently continue to provide the highest level of customer service while remaining supportive of staff wellness. None of this would be possible without the loyal friendship of you, our customers, and the dedication of our staff. This year has reinforced the importance of every aspect of input that is necessary to support our community and keep the store open, and this change of hours is directly in line with our vision to provide the freshest product and best service. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the outpouring of love and friendship we have witnessed this summer. We look forward to a fall filled with family dinners around the table, holidays with loved ones, and to you, our community of friends.