Here’s To Scoring Your 2020 Goals

Whether you’re a New Year’s Resolution Keeper, or a Goal-Dabbler, let us help you keep your sights on all your goals this year at Burritt’s. As a Full-Service Butcher, Fresh Seafood Counter, Specialty Grocer, and Conscientious Wine Shop we offer a broad range of high quality foods and beverages for your specific dietary goals. From lean meats, to Vegan Meat & Dairy alternatives, Gluten Free options, sustainable seafood, all the way to fresh produce so you can eat more greens – check off your list at Burritt’s with one stop shopping for a healthier you in 2020!

Lean, Traceable Meats
We offer a wide range of lean meats, thoughtfully, and traceable produced from field to table. Our meats are hormone, antibiotic, and steroid free, from the healthiest, humanely raised animals. We only process the freshest and the best – making sure that nothing goes to waste – maximizing the most out of each cut of meat.

Buy The Portions You Want
Never stress about needing to buy a larger package of meat than you need. By processing everything in house we’re able to offer all of our proteins in bulk form so you can buy what you want, when you want it. Is 2020 your year of cutting down on eating out, frozen dinners, and prepackaged foods? Keep your goals with meal planning made easy – we’ll cut and package to order any portion you need. Call ahead and we’ll have it ready when you pick up!

The Freshest Seafood
Looking to add more fish and seafood to your menu this year? Dip your toes into an ocean of possibility with fresh seafood delivered daily. Sourced from sustainable vendors and farmers, our fresh seafood case is brimming with environmentally responsible product. We work with Foley Fish House of Boston to source fish as it’s needed, whether wild caught or ocean open farm raised – Foley is dedicated to the sustainability and bounty of our oceans.

Go Green In 2020
Make 2020 the year of more fruits and veggies. Whether you’re looking for a more plant based diet or your goal is to just try a new veggie every week – our fresh produce section will keep your menu lively and your plate filled with fun and nutritious fruits and veggies. We also carry a range of Vegan Meat & Dairy alternatives!