Burritt’s is excited to be filling the Fresh Fish Case this week with a new Wild Caught Salmon!

Shoreline Wild Salmon is a hook and line fishing operation based in Pelican, Alaska and is the result of a shared vision to honor the legacy and quality of wild caught salmon, and to share that quality with others; including one of the Co-Owner’s homestate of Michigan. Marie Rose was born in Battle Creek, Michigan and moved to Alaska to work with salmon. She immediately fell in love with the flavor and quality of wild caught salmon but was frustrated with the inconsistency from boat to boat. She and two fishing industry friends, Joe Emerson and Keith Heller, founded Shoreline Wild Salmon and started delivering the quality of salmon they wanted to provide their friends and family.

Joe is a generational Alaskan fisher and operates the “Tommy L II.” He is their primary fisherman, they also buy catch from his son Tyler and a handful of close friends also dedicated to catching salmon one at a time with hook and line and processing immediately for the highest quality. Keith Heller operates the flake ice equipment in Pelican, and runs the Shoreline Scow, their floating custom processing facility, where Marie worked and first met Keith.

Since Pelican, Alaska is so remote the fresh fish travels by seaplane to Juneau where it is loaded onto an Alaska Airline Jet and flown overnight to us here in TC. What doesn’t leave fresh is immediately processed and frozen, being transported via ferry to Juneau, then barged and trucked in freezer containers to Detroit, Michigan, which will allow us to have Shoreline Wild Salmon through the winter.

Marie says “It is challenging logistically to operate out of a place so remote, but Pelican is known for the tagline of being “closest to the fish.” It is a huge advantage to be able to process our catch just miles away from the fishing grounds.” Saying it’s worth it because “This is the quality of salmon I want my friends and family to have access to.”

Thanks, Marie and Joe and Keith for being dedicated to the sustainability of the wild salmon industry and for sharing the highest quality salmon possible. We can’t wait for you to try it and see the difference for yourself!

Want to go deeper? Check out these videos of the crew and an article written by Marie…

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