Tuesday Pop-In Tasting: BBQ Wines

Tuesday Pop-In Tasting BBQ Wines Tuesday, August 27th | 4pm-7pm Labor Day Weekend and the promise of Barbecue, that's what we're dreaming

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Pop-In Tasting Thursday Night – Source & Sink

Pop-In Tasting Thursday Night  Source & Sink | Sonoma, California  Burritt's Northern Michigan Exclusive! Thursday, August 22nd  | 4pm-7pm Thursday, Pop-In for a Burritt's Northern Michigan Exclusive: Source & Sink Here's what you need to know... Source & Sink is focusing on old, neglected varietals, while farming organically with minimal intervention both in the fields and in the winery, and reaping delicious rewards!

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Pop-In Wine Tasting – Rare Chilean White

Here's the skinny, Pais is a red varietal that is believed to have been brought over by the Spanish in the 1500s, where it was cultivated, became Chile's primary wine grape, and then was largely forgotten once Bordeaux Varietals made their way onto the scene. Relegated to the background as a bulk or country wine, the Pais vines fell into disrepair, consumed by forest.

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