Chronic Cellars Halloween Tasting

Chronic Cellars Halloween Week Tasting Chronic Cellars Space Doubt 2018 Zinfandel $16.19 a bottle | $12.65 a bottle by the case ($151.80)

Chronic Cellars Halloween Tasting2019-10-12T13:06:22-04:00

Battle Of The Cabs Tasting

Battle Of The Cabs Wine Tasting Gibbs Napa Valley Friday 10/18 & Saturday 10/19 Ever wonder what the flavor difference is between

Battle Of The Cabs Tasting2019-10-12T12:35:52-04:00

Secret Stash Tasting: Elio Grasso

Shawn & Lydia's Secret Stash Elio Grasso | Gavarini Langhe Nebbiolo 2018 Friday 9/27 & Saturday 9/28 One of the best producers

Secret Stash Tasting: Elio Grasso2019-09-21T13:57:52-04:00

Thursday Night By The Glass

Thursday Night By The Glass Thursday, October 3rd | 5pm-7pm Jerome Jouret Pas a Pass We’re getting ready for the Fall 2019

Thursday Night By The Glass2019-09-24T18:59:45-04:00

Winemaker Dinner: Paddy Borthwick Vineyard

Burritt's Wine Dinner Series Winemaker Dinner | Borthwick Vineyard Paddy Borthwick | Winemaker, Generational Farmer Thursday, September 19th | 6:30pm-8pm | RSVP

Winemaker Dinner: Paddy Borthwick Vineyard2019-09-11T12:21:26-04:00