Thanksgiving 2020 With Burritt’s

Thank you all for an incredible summer!  We appreciate everyone working together this summer to create a positive and safe shopping environment at Burritt’s. As we head into the Holiday Season many of the routines we’ve created this summer will remain: limited capacity in the store, masks required in the store, curbside availability for vulnerable demographics. With the change of season, change of weather, and the increased seasonal traffic traditionally seen over the 8 week holiday period, there will be some new additions to our daily routine and shopping habits. We’re asking for your help to continue to uphold our commitment to safety and the highest quality shopping experience. 


Limited Store Capacity
Small floor plan, big heart! We have a narrow store, and this summer we found limiting the number of customers in the store to match the number of staff we had available to assist helped create shorter wait times. We will continue to monitor the number of shoppers in the store to create a safe working and shopping environment. There may be short wait times, please plan and dress accordingly. It’s fall in Michigan; wear layers as Grandma would say! Additionally, please designate one shopper to enter the store with your grocery list if you’re shopping with a group. Need a shopping list? Please click the link below for a Burritt’s Shopping list to help you make the most out of your Burritt’s trip. 

Burritt’s Shopping List Link


Turkey Orders
The star of the show! We are proud to feature Biehl’s Turkey – locally grown in Mancelona with no hormones or antibiotics, and always fresh, never frozen. Have you ordered your Biehl’s Turkey yet? Please call today to order your turkey and all the Thanksgiving sides (231) 946-3300 ext 10. When you call to place your Thanksgiving + Turkey order we’ll walk you through pick up dates and sizing options. Please remember, turkey comes in a wide range of sizes and we cannot control the exact sizes Biehl’s delivers. Please let us know a range of turkey size you’d be most interested in and we will accommodate based on available inventory.  Click here for Thanksgiving Menu.


Order Pick Up + Curbside Pick Up
On your designated pick up date, please go to the Meat Counter for pick up. Please give an employee your last and first name and your order will be retrieved. Once your order has been handed to you, please utilize baskets and keep your order with you, help us ensure in this busy shopping season that no groceries are left behind! For Curbside Pick Up When you arrive at the store for your order pick up, please call and indicate which vehicle you are in and we will bring your order out to your car. 


Wine Orders
Did you know you can also order your Holiday Wine when you place your Thanksgiving Food Order? Whether you’re looking for Shawn + Lydia to hand curate a holiday wine selection for you, or you’re looking for a specific bottle, we have a wide selection to pair with any meal. Give them a call today to order your wine: Wine Department (231) 946-3300 ext 15.


Thank You
Thank you for your friendship and business during these unprecedented times. We are so thankful for our customers and community. You make what we do possible. Thank you for helping us continue to build a safe shopping environment for a safe, enjoyable holiday season for all. Happy Holidays!