Thanksgiving 2020 is upon us and Burritt’s is ready to help you set the table for a tasty holiday season. We understand that the holidays are going to be a little different this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat well! Maybe you’re using this year as a chance to cook more elaborately, or to cook less and put your feet up; either way we’ve got you covered from the ingredients and individual items you’ll need to make a feast, and the precooked, ready to heat Thanksgiving sides ready to accompany your fresh Biehl’s turkey. Biehls turkeys are fresh, never frozen, and brine kits are available. Please call the store (231) 946-3300 ext 10 to place your order and reserve your turkey.

Thanksgiving Menu 2020


Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes – GF, V         $5.99/lb

Sweet Potato Mash- GF, V                   $5.99/lb

Turkey Gravy                                           $4.99/lb

Tipsy Gravy                                           $6.49/lb

Meyer Lemon Red Pepper Green Beans- GF, V $6.49/lb

Corn Casserole- V                                   $6.49/lb

Cornbread Stuffing – V                           $4.99/lb

Cranberry Sage Sausage Stuffing $6.99/lb

Cranberry Butternut Squash Quinoa- GF, V $6.99/lb

Traditional Cranberry Sauce – GF, Vegan $4.99/lb

Cranberry Relish – GF, Vegan $5.99/lb

Whole Biehl Turkey (approx 10-24#)     $3.59/lb

Boneless Biehl Turkey Breast (3-6#)     $11.99/lb

Biehl Turkey Breast with Bone (6-12#)       $7.99/lb

Spatchcock Fee                                     $5.00/bird

Whole Smoked Turkey (12#)                     $35.00 ea

Spiral Honeyglazed Ham – Whole (8-12#)    $6.59/lb

Spiral Honeyglazed Ham – Half (4-6#)     $6.89/lb

Holiday Sausage Spirals/Bulk               $6.99/$5.99lb



Prices and availability subject to change

Please call ahead to reserve holiday menu items