Summer is here and so are the parties, the grilling, the lake time, the soaking-up-every-minute-of-sunshine days. Get more out of your day with a visit to Burritt’s, we’ll help with the grilling needs, the party foods, the snacks, and all the beverages. Visit the store and browse our wide variety of wines, beers, and ciders today! We have a little something for every occasion.

Lake Time
We live up north, who doesn’t love spending time on the lake?! Make your lake time easier with canned beers, ciders, and now canned wine!

All Day Rosé
$3.69 a 250ml can, $12.69 a 4 pack
Dry, dry, dry rosé. Did we mention it’s dry and in a can? The perfect little serving size, the All Day Rosé is perfect for the beach, the boat, and the bbq. Throw it in an ice bin for your next part and don’t worry about breakable glassware, bottle openers, and clean up? The cans are recyclable!

Foxie Rosé Wine
$5.99 a 12oz can
Want a little fruit, love hops, don’t want beer? Foxie Rosé wine is loaded with natural grapefruit flavors and Simcoe Hops for the perfect combo of floral, juicy, and tart. At 7.1% abv, it drinks like a mixed drink without the prep work – so kick off your shoes and relax into the summer evening with Foxie.

House Wine Bubbly Rosé
$5.99 a 12oz can
Every day deserves a little bubbles. House Wine Bubbly Rosé makes every day a little extra special with it’s dry, bubbly rosé in a can. Crisp and refreshing, it fits into a cooler like a traditional beer can, making it great for the long weekend, the quick afternoon hike, or the evening sunset cruise. Wherever your summer takes you, canned bubbles will be there to make it sparkle.

Please remember to respect your natural resources, these lakes and beaches are a home we share with many forms of wildlife. Glass isn’t allowed on the beach and can be dangerous to both human and animals. Canned beers, ciders, and wines make a great alternative while still keeping your summer tasty and easy. Please keep your beaches clean, pick up after yourself.