Turkey Time At Burritt’s Fresh Market

It’s time to talk Turkey 2021

This year we are selling all natural, hormone free, steroid free, antibiotic free turkeys raised on a humane, sparwling farm. We’re excited to be able to offer Fresh Turkeys from Otto’s Turkey Farm in Middleville, Michigan, a 6th generation farm where the feed is grown, milled, and mixed right on the farm. This switch from Biehl’s allows us to reduce our footprint and order more precisely what we need, get closer to the source, and regain more control over the direct quality of the birds we offer to you. 

Burritt’s Quality You Trust

Every day we’re working to find the highest quality and best value for our customers. This means constantly reevaluating what we’re offering, researching the market, and listening to your feedback. The decision to switch turkey suppliers has not been made lightly. We stand behind our products and if at any point we feel the quality is not up to our standards we start looking for a new supplier. After much research we made the decision to switch to Otto’s, a brand that we have carried for many years, and has been greatly enjoyed by everyone who’s tried it. This allows us to offer a better product at comprable pricing to past years, in easier to order sizes. These birds all come from the same farm, raised by the same family, with the same quality care. They don’t carry a generic brand name like Amish, they carry a family name. (Link to Otto’s Farm)


Otto’s Turkeys 2021 

  • All Natural
  • Fresh, Not Frozen
  • Hormone, steroid, and antibiotic free
  • Feed is milled and mixed at the farm.
  • Raised on a 6th generation farm 
  • Humanely raised and processed on a sprawling farm with plenty of room to roam. 

Whole Turkey $3.59lb

This year you will be able to order your turkey in a size category, there will be a weight range of approximately 3 lbs within that size category. We look forward to this level of efficiency and organization that will allow us to fill your turkey orders more precisely. We will have limited amounts in each category, so order early! Order with The Turkey Whisperers: Matt or Jake (231) 946-3300 ext 5. 

  • Small (10-12#)
  • Medium (13-15#)
  • Large (16-18#)
  • XL (19-21#)
  • Jumbo (22-25#)

Want your turkey smoked, broken down, don’t need an entire bird, or need a few extra pieces for those last minute guests? We offer the following options. Please make sure to let Matt or Jake know at the time you order. We are operating with limited quantities and a smaller staff this year, the more we can plan now, the more we can offer and fulfill. 

Bone-in Breast $7.99lb
Boneless Breast $11.99lb

Spatchcock Fee $5
Leg Quarters $2.99lb

Wings $2.99lb

Smoked Turkey $39.99/each
Last day to order Smoked Turkey: Saturday 11/20/2021