Stay the Course and Work Together

For the past 14 months the team at Burritt’s Fresh Markets has worked to ensure the continued safety of our community and our market. We have appreciated our customer’s co-operation throughout this time. 

We have had ZERO store associated transmissions of COVID-19.
This is a huge accomplishment.

The latest CDC Guidance and MDHHS statements, 5/14/21, have made our job more difficult than ever to navigate these uncharted waters while maintaining a safe working and shopping environment. Placing responsibility on business owners  and managers to determine who is eligible to not wear a mask in an indoor public space is unreasonable.

Burritt’s Fresh Markets will continue to require masks at this time for all customers and employees. We will continue to monitor the information provided to us and modify our policies accordingly.

Friends, we have climbed this mountain together; it’s been a long haul. As we come down the mountain, let’s continue to work together at a safe and reasonable pace. 

I thank you in advance for your cooperation and support. 

Jake Kaberle
Owner and General Manager