Build Your Own Valentine’s Dinner
Burritt’s Style!

“Cook” up something delicious for Valentine’s Day with Burritt’s. We’ve prepared a menu of ready to heat and serve items (much like our Holiday Kitchen Menus) that will take the pressure off making the perfect meal and put the focus on spending time with your loved ones and treating yourself. Customize your Valentine’s Day Dinner from the menu below, items are individually priced and will be available in the kitchen case. They are ready to heat and finish at home (food items are sold pre-cooked and refrigerated). Call ahead to reserve your order and have it ready for pick up (231) 946-3300 ext 10. 


Appetizer | Pork Rillettes made in house | $10.99/lb


Entree Options | Try One Or All Three! | Sold By The Piece 

// Cinnamon + Sherry Braised Lamb Shanks with Savory Au Jus | $16.99/lb

// Smoky Short Ribs | $16.99/lb

// Duck Confit Legs | $20.99/lb … recommended two legs per person


Entree Sides | Sold By The LB

// Roasted Squash + Root Veggies | $6.99/lb

// Potatoes Gratin with Roasted Garlic + Herbs | $9.99/lb

// Risotto with Truffle + Goat Cheese | $9.99/lb

// Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Butter + Herbs | $6.99/lb

// Mediterranean Marinated Grilled Vegetable Skewer | $7.99/lb

// Sesame Roasted Green Beans | $6.99/lb


Dessert | Sold By The Each But… Why Choose? Try Both!

// Chocolate Dipped Strawberries | $12.99/lb

// House Made Chocolate Truffles | $12.99/lb