What We’re Drinking Thanksgiving 2019

The world can be a difficult place sometimes, making Thanksgiving a wonderful time to slow down with friends and family and remember the plethora of little, day-to-day things we can be thankful for. Food is the universal gatherer of people and we love pairing wine and holiday meals together; it’s a chance to share new bottles or your old favorites with your dinner-mates. So this year we’re especially thankful for these two Italian wines – not only will they pair perfectly with Thanksgiving dinner, but they’re also a great deal (so you can buy one for yourself while you’re cooking and one for the family).

Sallier de la Tour Syrah 2016
$15.29 a bottle | $13.75 a bottle by the 6 Pack ($82.50)
Stony Fruit Aromas, Herbal Minerality, Supple Tannins

Sallier de la Tour Madamarosé 2018 Rosé of Syrah 
$18.59 a bottle | $16.56 a bottle by the 6 Pack ($99.37)
Bright Red Stone Fruit Aromas, Fresh Savory Spices, Lingering Fruit Zest

Other Great Pairings… 
Looking for something a little more Traditional? Take one of these pairings for a spin:

Pinot Noir
Medium bodied, bright fruit, and balanced acidity make Pinot Noir a lovely contrast to the rich fair served around a traditional Thanksgiving table. A safe bet in the potential murky waters of not adding the traditional marshmallows to great-grandma’s dish…

A breath of fresh air for the heavy, butter laden dishes. Yes, Chablis is Chardonnay, but it’s French, unoaked, unbuttery, and as crisp as that bag of peas Auntie forgot to thaw…

Gamay Noir
Pinot Noir, updated. Like a version 2.0 with all the bells and whistles (and none of the bugs), Gamay Noir is loaded with rich minerality, bright to dark fruits, and lingering tannins so smooth you’ll thinking about sneaking a piece of that chocolate cake when you go to refill the cranberry sauce.

No longer just for your great-relatives, Riesling screams onto the Thanksgiving scene with vibrant acidity, mouth watering juiciness, and bone-crushing minerality. No, just us? Well then let us introduce you to the newest wave of kick-you-in-your-preconceptions, not-your-grandparents-Rieslings.

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