Quality Fresh Products.

Its what we do here at Burritt’s. But what does that mean and what does it take to make it happen? We serve the best proteins available to us from the best suppliers. As a retailer we have several options in suppliers and only work with the best and most reputable with the highest standards and values. Trust me when I say there is a sorting process that goes on when choosing a supplier.

For instance, as a meat buyer, I can buy a New York Strip loin from 5 different suppliers. Each one offers the same cut set forth by the North American Meat Processors set of standards.  Each supplier charges a different price for the same item, so why not go with the least expensive choice? A strip is strip, right? Not so fast. This is where we start to ask questions at Burritt’s.

Where was the animal raised?

High heat, cramped space,  and low water conditions of Central America; brought to the US and harvested in overburdened plants?

Or the temperate Pacific Northwest with 66,000 acres to roam free and processed by a relatively small company with high standards?

What are the animal health standards of the meat producer?

Do they use antibiotics on the whole herd to prevent illness and growth hormones to produce larger animals?

Or do they prohibit the use of steroids and only use antibiotics on an animal by animal basis, and only return the animal to the herd after it has tested negative for any trace of antibiotics?

Where are the animals processed?

In a cramped and overworked 24hr processing facility?

              Or in a Temple Grandin designed facility that identifies the humane needs of large animal livestock?

These are just a few of the questions for one line of products that we buy here at Burritt’s. We do the sorting for you. Its our job. We have hundreds of products that we ask these same kinds of questions for to ensure that our customers are getting the best quality items. Sure, we could sell products of lesser value and quality, but its not what we want to serve to ourselves or our families. We encourage you to ask questions here and other places that you shop. Your food is an important part of your life and you deserve the quality you buy here at Burritt’s Fresh Markets.

If you ever have any questions about what we serve or its origins, please come in and ask. I personally stand behind everything we sell.

Jake Kaberle